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We perform the initial manufacturing process at our Palencia plant. We receive the best pieces, which are classified to perform later a correct and balanced salting process.

They lie and are acclimatised in special cchambers through strict controls of temperature and humidity for a few days.

We proceed to brand the manufacturing date, and tag piece by piece so as to control age and traceability.

We mechanically remove blood traces that may remain in the interior and then they are subjected to a presalting process with table salt and a rubbing massage, which opens the pores of the meat relaxing muscles and preparing them to receive the appropriate amount of salt.

The pieces are inserted into stainless steel containers and we cover them with a thick salt layer. Our special machinery means hams are practically untouched by hand.

We introduce these deposits in a controlled cold chamber where they will remain for a few days depending on the weight of the pieces. They wil slowly take in the salt.

Once the cycle is completed, hams and salt are removed. They are washed using cold water pressure showers.
This process begins with a cold and humid controlled treatment, for a period of approximately two months. We later control the drying process in some cases, to get an age of 15 to 18 months, depending on the weight.

Our qualified staff constantly reviews the maturation state throughout the process, using both sophisticated computer systems and personal inspection at the drying chambers.
We transport daily our pieces to the Torquemada facilities, where we proceed to receive and classify according to different needs. It is at this plant where all the final process is carried out, either to ship the pieces with bone, or to proceed to the boneless procedure in our boning automated line.

Thanks to the most advanced technologies, we have multitude of whole and shoulder ham presentations both bone-in, boneless and sliced.